THE ELECTRIC CANVAS provide design, production, technical and creative services for short-term or permanent installation using large format projection.

Projection Services for Events and Spaces

Some of our specific services include:

  • CAD design
    featuring custom projection tools
  • site survey
    using a range of technologies including 3D laser measurement
  • preproduction
    visual storyboards, flash simulations, script analysis
  • film production
    high-temp colour film, B/W masking film, hand coloured film
  • equipment
    sales and project based short term installations
  • technicians
    experienced and highly trained projection technicians
  • image design
    custom original designs, image search, compositing
  • production management
    including scheduling, critical path, lighting and set design


The Electric Canvas Art Department offers creative development of images for the PIGI system, from concept stage through to the finished event. Our team is experienced in projection techniques for theatre, coprorate events, public art; and can work with you to develop your ideas or images to work successfully in the context of large format projection. Our Art Department has developed a large catalogue of effects and images which may be re-developed for your event.

Please contact us for a brochure or showreel DVD, or to discuss how our large format light projection can make your event extraordinary.