Hilton Hotel

Sydney, December 2006

Client: G1 Productions


When The Electric Canvas provided their Onlyview media system for a large corporate Christmas party at Sydney's Hilton Hotel, it was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate Onlyview's unique flexible features.

Using the Onlyview system, several separate presentation applications and styles were delivered under real-time control with just a single operator.

Three walls of the ballroom were covered with seamless floor-to- ceiling projections from a total of eight 12,000 lumen video projectors. The Electric Canvas created a number of animated landscapes based on an African Savannah theme which included rolling pains with roaming herds of animals, flocks of birds, animated sky, dramatic waterfalls and smoking volcanoes. Appropriate sound effects were also provided by the Onlyview System.

The Evening included an awards ceremony with Onlyview handling the tasks normally assigned to a power-point style presentation. There was a live performance with its own visual content and the evening finished up with dancing to VJ-style animated graphics also run live from the Onlyview system.