Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Melbourne, March 2005


The Electric Canvas provided a sponsorship deal that included projection for the main Runway shows, external promotional projections around the venue, and an immersive projected environment for the Finale Dinner.

A 40 metre long projection area was established on a wall adjacent to the main runway.

The Electric Canvas created an original scene for each of the 44 designers involved in the week long Runway program.

Each show had a thematic linking all the images, some of which contained movement in the form of scrolling or kinetic effects.

Entrance Hall

A projection on the concrete entrance to the screen gallery set the scene for the runway shows.

The position of the projector in relation to the wall, required substantial keystone correction of the image.


The unique architecture of Federation Square was used to create a sequence of projected effects, to promote the event. Graphics and text appeared to weave in and out of the mosaic fabric of the building.


Exterior projections were also featured on the Shard, directly opposite the high traffic area of the Flinders St train station and intersection.

Finale Dinner

After the last Runway show was completed, the room was transformed overnight into a banquet setting, with 360° surrounding projection designed around the theme of an opulant feast.

Five separate scenes were used to progress the evening through its various stages.