Louis Vuitton 150th Anniversary Parties

New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo

February - July 2004

Client: Inside Out Productions


The Famous Louis Vuitton company of Paris turned 150 in 2004 and celebrated with the party of all parties held in international locations. A portable structure, 75m x 33m x 16m, that was shipped from one location to another, was designed to feature projection on three of the four sides.

The Electric Canvas projected scrolling images onto the outside of the structure to make a memorable arrival statement in the theme of “the romance of travel”.

This was interspersed with periods when the structure was transformed into a giant Louis Vuitton trunk.

ISES Esprit Award Winner

The Electric Canvas was the winner in the "Creative Solution" category of the 2005 ISES (International Special Events Society) Esprit Awards for our projection at the Louis Vuitton Party in New York, where we overcame site limitations and obstructions using a variety of innovative techniques.

New York

Each venue posed its own challenges. New York’s show was tightly set amongst a small forest of snow bound trees, but we were able to provide coverage from amongst the branches by using five projectors where normally only two would be required.

Without the benefit of a site visit and using just a few photos and a CAD model, The Electric Canvas devised a plan to cover the wall with five projections tiled into one seamless scrolling image. This required precise positioning of scaffolding and projectors. The projection rig was housed in three 12m high towers set 3m behind the first line of trees. Two of the scaffolds had projectors in their bases to cover the bottom of the structure by projecting between tree trunks. The layout had to be set in stone before film could be made and there was no way of testing until the films were installed on the projectors.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong was a harbourside venue with unobstructed views, and attracted enormous attention from media and onlookers. The structure was transformed into a giant steamer trunk, alternated with scrolling text, and the romance of travel montage.


Tokyo had inadequate projection distance for one of the sides, a problem solved with the use of skymaster elevated work platforms to raise the PIGIs to suitable distance. A fi nal challenge was faced as everything was demounted for two days as a typhoon passed, causing no damage but delaying the set up. With hours to go, the projectors were re-erected, lined up and programmed and the party went on.