Singapore National Day

Marina Bay

Singapore, August 2006

Client: DSTA

Singapore National Day


Our OnlyView System controlled and delivered six synchronised sources of video content for the 2007 Singapore National Day event at Marina Bay. The main display elements where two large LED screens that, at times, carried separate playback images and were also used for live camera close-ups of the show.

Singapore National Day


  • Three banks of video projectors created panoramic images onto three giant water-screens at the back of the floating stage. A separate HD video feed delivered selected synchronised and re-formated playback to the broadcast van.
  • Much of the playback was synchronised to a master time-coded sound track and even most transitions to live vision were automated.
  • The operator could override the automation seamlessly at any time and was able to instantly access superimposed titles, manually cue clips and graphics with a single mouse click. At each rehearsal, the mixed output from the live cameras was recorded along with show sound and timecode.
  • This facility allowed all the multimedia content to be replayed in sync along with the recorded camera feed so that an accurate simulation of the show could be used for review and fine tuning of cues. The entire system had 100% active back up so that a failure of any component, including the master computer, would not disrupt the show. As a testament to the stability an reliability of the system, the back up strategy was never required.